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My name is Rex Vincent. I’m the founder of Homebizopedia.com. Homebizopedia.com was set up some months ago to provide assistance to prospective and current Home Based Entrepreneurs. We felt this could be a good way to reduce un employment and contribute to economic development since 69% of businesses are based at home.

We just started with a blog. But now, we’ve introduced an On Line Home Based Business Management Training program to provide training for prospective and current Home Based Business owners.

OUR MISSION: To empower the highest number of prospective and current Home Based Entrepreneurs with the necessary Skills and Tools to prevent business failure through our specially designed On Line Business Management Courses.

OUR VISION: To become a globally recognized resource base for Skills acquisition and empowerment.

According to the NASB, 76% of Home Based Business fail due to management incompetence of the Proprietors. Our Training will help our Trainees acquire the necessary SKILLS and TOOLS to set up and run a SUCCESSFUL Home Based Business without any Fear of FAILURE.

The On Line Courses provided by Homebizopedia are targeted at Retirees, Stay at home Moms and Pops, Un employed people and all those that want to be their own bosses.

I’m a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) expert, On Line FOREX Trader, Business Writer and Health Enthusiast. I have a background of over two decades in Banking and Entrepreneurship. I’m most fulfilled when I help people to improve their lot through the courses we provide.

I like to jog, engage in circuit training and play Squash.

You can contact me directly at no cost by using the “Contact Us” form or my personal email at Rex@homebizopedia.com.

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HOMBIZOPEDIA.COM will help you actualize your dream of establishing and running a SUCCESSFUL Home Based Business – Guaranteed!